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At Etihad Aviation Training, we take pride in our state-of-the-art facilities designed to meet the highest standards in aviation training. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our facilities, ensuring a conducive environment for innovation, collaboration, and growth.

Our Facilities 

Main Campus

Welcome to Etihad Aviation Training in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi! Our main campus, strategically located near the airport, serves as an essential hub for aviation training. Equipped with cutting-edge facilities and collaborative spaces, it provides an immersive environment designed to elevate your aviation journey. Whether you're embarking on pilot training or delving into airport training our campus is tailored to meet your diverse needs.

Join us at our headquarters in Khalifa City, where excellence meets passion, and let your aspirations take flight in a setting dedicated to shaping the future of aviation professionals.

Pilot Training Devices

Explore our cutting-edge pilot training equipment featuring a diverse fleet of
state-of-the-art simulators. We offer 9 full flight simulators and 7 flight training devices specifically designed for Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Our advanced training technology ensures a comprehensive and realistic experience, providing pilots with the skills and proficiency needed to excel in their aviation careers.

Other Training Devices

Start a comprehensive Cabin Crew training at our facilities, offering complete solutions from Airbus to Boeing type rating. We also offer hands-on experiences, including sliding down a giant inflated evacuation device from a mock A320 aircraft. Our training encompasses various emergency drills, featuring a fire simulation room, crash landing scenarios with a pool, and practice with an inflated life raft equipped with life jackets. At our facilities, we prioritize realistic and immersive training, ensuring cabin crew members are well-prepared to handle diverse situations with confidence and expertise.


Our auditorium is designed with a focus on practicality and functionality. This venue is optimal setting for lectures, seminars, and industry events.

With a capacity of 150-200 individuals in a theater-style setup, this venue is equipped with advanced technology. Featuring provisions for two laptops with HDMI and VGA connectivity, the auditorium ensures seamless presentations. It is also equipped with TV screens and a projector, providing visual aids. Additionally, the auditorium includes two wireless microphones, one lapel microphone, and speakers, ensuring clear communication in this dynamic space. 

The Auditorium Foyer, adjacent to the main auditorium, accommodates 10 to 16 people with 6 armchairs, 2 coffee tables, 10 leather sofas, and 5 high tables. This space serves as an assembly hall, providing a convenient catering area for events. Enhance your experience with a comfortable and functional setting for informal discussions and gatherings.


Our classrooms cater to various needs, offering flexibility in capacity and setup. Depending on the room, we can accommodate up to 60 individuals, with options for either round tables or a traditional classroom style. Each classroom is well-equipped with essential technology, including a laptop with HDMI and VGA connections, a TV screen, a Cisco desk phone, and floor boxes with LAN/Power sockets. Additionally, the classrooms feature a flip chart, a whiteboard wall, and markers to facilitate interactive learning experiences.
In addition to the general classrooms, we provide specialized areas for safety training, flight crew, and cabin crew training. Some rooms are specifically designed with up to 20 computer stations, psychomotor testing stations, monitoring cameras, and a Computer-Based Training (CBT) setup, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored environment for specific training requirements.

Conference Rooms

Our conference and boardrooms offer a sophisticated setting, accommodating 14-18 individuals. Each room is equipped with essential technology to facilitate effective meetings, including one laptop with HDMI and VGA connections, up to two TV screens, a Cisco desk phone, and a whiteboard with markers. These well-appointed spaces provide a conducive environment for collaborative discussions, presentations, and strategic planning sessions. Whether you're hosting team meetings, board discussions, or important presentations, our conference and boardrooms are designed to meet your professional needs with efficiency and style.

Pilot Lounge

Our  Pilot Lounge is a dedicated space designed exclusively for pilots to relax and unwind. Equipped with comfortable lounge chairs, this area provides a welcoming atmosphere for pilots to recharge. The lounge is equipped with essential amenities, including printers and computers, allowing pilots to stay connected and attend to any necessary tasks. Additionally, a coffee machine is readily available, providing a convenient refreshment option for pilots seeking a moment of relaxation or a quick energy boost. 


Our cafeteria, spanning two floors, invites you to a delightful dining experience. Explore a variety of healthy delights with our salad bar, where fresh and vibrant ingredients await or visit our live station, where our chefs provide fresh delicious dishes. Additionally, you can indulge in a diverse array of options with our buffets, offering a range of delectable choices to suit every palate. We also have snacks and refreshments for those looking for a quick bite. Our cafeteria is the perfect place to savor delicious food in a comfortable and inviting setting, complete with comfortable chairs and tables for your convenience. For those who prefer the outdoors, we also feature an inviting outside seating area where you can dine in a pleasant atmosphere.

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