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Our advanced training technology ensures a comprehensive and realistic experience, providing pilots with the skills and proficiency needed to excel in their aviation careers. We have 10 full flight simulators and 7 flight training devices specifically designed for Airbus and Boeing aircraft.


Full Flight Simulators

Etihad Aviation Training offers Full Flight Simulators for both Airbus and Boeing aircraft models. Whether you're looking to train on the iconic Airbus A320 or the legendary Boeing 787 Dreamliner, our simulators are designed to replicate the intricacies of each aircraft type, ensuring a seamless transition from simulation to real-world flying.

Our Full Flight Simulators are equipped with advanced motion systems, high-fidelity visuals, authentic cockpit instrumentation, and are capable of displaying real world features (airports, mountains, bodies of water), environmental conditions (Day, Night, Dusk, Dawn, Fog, Rain) and artifacts (Storm Cells, Clouds, Stars, Moon, Sun) in high resolution. Trainees can practice a wide range of maneuvers, procedures, and emergency scenarios in a safe and controlled environment, allowing them to develop the skills and confidence needed to excel in their aviation career.

Full-Flight Simulators Airbus​

Airbus A320-200 Sim 1

Airbus A320-200 Sim 2

Airbus A320-200 Sim 3

Airbus A320-200 CEO/NEO Sim 4

Airbus A380-800 Sim 1

Airbus A350-900 Sim 1

Full-Flight Simulators Beoing​

Boeing 777-300ER Sim 2

Boeing 787-9 Sim 1

Boeing 787-9 Sim 2

Boeing 787-9 Sim 3

Fixed Based Simulators

Our comprehensive suite of Flight Training Devices (FTDs) and Flight Navigational Procedural Trainers (FNPTs) provides aspiring pilots with the tools they need to succeed in the skies. Our Flight Training Devices (FTDs), are crafted to mirror the details of a variety of aircraft types. With a fleet that includes FTDs for Airbus and Boeing, trainees have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the controls, instrumentation, and procedures of some of the world's most advanced commercial aircraft. We have FTDs that are equipped with high-fidelity visuals, and authentic cockpit interfaces, providing a true-to-life flight experience that prepares pilots for their next step in the journey.

In addition to our FTDs, our Flight Navigational and Procedural Trainers (FNPTs) offer targeted training in navigation, instrument flying, and procedural adherence. Perfect your skills in our FNPT A320 FNPT II + MCC  and Embraer Phenom 100 FNPT II + MCC, designed to simulate the complexities of modern flight operations with unparalleled realism and accuracy.

Flight Training Device (FTD)

A320/330/340 (x2)




787-9 (x2)

Flight Navigation Procedural Trainers (FNTP)


Embraer Phenom 100 FNPT II 

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