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Ab-Initio Training

Welcome to the Cadet Program Hub

At Etihad Aviation Training we cater to aspiring pilots through the Cadet Program; your gateway to becoming a skilled pilot. All our courses are compliant with CAR-FCL, CAR-AIR OPS and consist of a blend of theoretical training and practical training with hands-on Flight/Simulator sessions.

Enroll through an airline partner to access our program. Experience realistic training with cutting-edge simulations, ensuring you're

well-prepared for a successful career in aviation. Elevate your pilot journey with the Cadet Program at Etihad Aviation Training. 

*We are currently not able to offer any Ab-initio courses for self-funded individuals.

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Ludwig Sieber


Meet Ludwig Sieber, our Head of Training at Etihad Aviation Training (EAT), an aviation professional dedicated to advancing the field of training. 

Ludwig has a wealth of knowledge in the realms of MPL (Multi-Crew Pilot License), ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License), and CPL (Commercial Pilot License). Ludwig has been instrumental in shaping the careers of aspiring pilots.

Join Ludwig Sieber and the EAT Training team on an exceptional journey of professionalism and excellence in aviation.

Multi-Crew Pilot License 

 MPL (Multicrew Pilot License) was introduced by ICAO in 2006 as a competency based training program. MPL is a modern approach to training that enhances safety and increases efficiency; it is a reverse engineered, purpose built, custom training program for airline operations. ICAO Doc 9868 outlines the guidelines for implementing an MPL course, but each course is unique to the airline training partner. MPL is competency based, using knowledge, Skills and prescribed Attitudes (KSA's) established through task analysis, and applied through instructional design. The MPL training is dynamic rather than hours prescriptive. It is based on training to the final competencies required to operate modern jet transport aircraft. 

MPL is a state-of-the-art ab-initio Pilot training program, that seamless integrates airline procedures, continuously focuses on multi crew operations and embeds Threat and Error Management (TEM) concepts from the very beginning. Every lesson plan has TEM discussion items intended to provoke the instructor to ask the cadets how they plan to manage or mitigate those threats and others for their flight. This is an engaging tool and helps the cadets begin to problem solve and identify threats on their own. TEM Develop cadet’s problem identification and solving skills and continue to reinforce this philosophy aiding in decision-making and leadership skills in time. 

The aim of the training program is to provide the Cadet with the knowledge, skill and aeronautical experience necessary to meet the requirements of a Multi-Crew Pilot License. This will enable them to operate as First Officer on multi-pilot, multi-engine aircraft in commercial air transportation.

Etihad Airways

The Integrated MPL training program consists of theoretical knowledge instructor (TKI) and practical training. The syllabi for theoretical knowledge instruction, flight training, synthetic flight training and associated lesson plans and objectives are covered in the following parts:


76 Weeks



Theoretical Knowledge

Core Phase


Basic Phase

Intermediate Phase

Advanced Phase



76 Weeks



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