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Other Training Devices (OTD)

At Etihad Aviation Training, we provide complete solutions for Cabin Crew Training. All our safety training devices are UAE GCAA approved. We offer complete solutions from Airbus to Boeing type rating. We also offer practical training, like sliding down an inflatable slide from different door trainers. Our program covers emergency drills such as fire simulations, water landings, and life raft practice, prioritizing realistic and immersive training for confident cabin crew handling.

Cabin Training Devices (CTD)

Cabin Service and Safety Trainer (CSST)



A320 DT (virtual slide) x2

A330 Type A DT

A330 Type 1 DT (real slide)

777 DT (real slide)

787 DT (virtual slide) x2

A380MDL1 DT (virtual slide)

Swimming Pool with Slide Raft

Safety and Emergency Equipment


787 CSST

777 CST*

*Cabin Service Trainer Only

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