Cabin Training Devices

With complete solutions for your cabin safety training requirements, our door trainers with virtual slide technology, multi-scenario Real Fire Fighting Trainer and cabin emergency equipment trainer are just the beginning. 

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Door Trainers

A320 DT (virtual slide)        

A330 Type A DT (real slide)       A330 Type 1 DT (real slide)   

A380MDL1 DT (virtual slide)       A380UDL1 DT (virtual slide)

777 DT (real slide)                        787 DT (virtual slide)

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Cabin Service Trainers

A320 Cabin Service Trainer

A330 Cabin Service Trainer

A380 Cabin Service Safety Trainer

B777 Cabin Service Trainer

B787 Cabin Service Safety Trainer

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Other Training Devices

Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET)

Crew Rest Compartment (CRC)

Water Survival Training

Real Fire Fighting Trainer (RFFT)

Evacuation Slide Training