Upcoming Trainings

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We are proud to offer a comprehensive portfolio of training programs and courses designed around you! Let us know your requirements - we’re expecting to hear from you!

  • Multi-crew Pilot Licence programs
  • Airline Transport Pilot Licence programs
  • Airbus A320/A330/A340/A380 Type Ratings

            Standard Transition Course (STC)

            Cross Crew Qualification (CCQ)

            Type Rating Renewal

            Type Rating Recurrent

  • Boeing B777/B787 Type Ratings

            Additional Type Rating

            Prior Experience Course

            Differences Course

            Type Rating Recurrent

            Type Rating renewal

  • Instructor Courses


            Additional Type-Certification-Fleet Transfer

  • Examiner Courses


            Additional Type-Certification-Fleet Transfer

  • Senior Examiner Courses


  • Cabin Crew Qualification Courses

            Airbus A319/320/321/330/340/380

            Boeing 777/787

  • Senior Cabin Crew Qualification Course
  • Cabin Manager Training Course

Ask too about our Special Operations courses in:

  • CFIT
  • Volcanic Ash
  • Weather radar
  • TCAS
  • Jet Upset Training
  • RNAV
  • Cold weather operations
  • Rapid decompression
  • Security and weapons
  • Hazardous materials
  • Predictive windshear
  • Low visibility operations
  • Aeronautical phraseology in English
  • Minimum equipment list
  • Adverse weather
  • ALAR
  • High Altitude flight
  • Fatigue risk management
  • Hot temperature operations
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • GPS
  • CPDLC for Airbus/Boeing
  • ADS – Automatic Dependent Surveillance
  • Threat and Error Management